Web3, is it the next revolutionary internet?

Web3 is the internet of the future, a decentralized ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The idea of web3 is to create a decentralized web where there are no more centralized servers. It will provide a completely new way of accessing information and services on the internet. And it will be achieved by using blockchain technology …

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Horse Gram Curry – Highly Nutritional

Origin of Horse Gram Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) is a pulse crop widely cultivated and consumed in India since ancient times, and native to the south-east Asian subcontinent and tropical Africa. The US National Academy of Sciences has identified this legume as a potential food source for the future, thanks to its exceptional nutrition profile, drought-resistance and …

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Social Media, a powerful marketing platform.

Social Media is the most powerful tool currently to promote and market something. A low-cost way to promote and market, also fastest and effective. Sometimes it just takes one content to go viral and boost your presence. But usually it takes time to build your social media presence and make an effective influence. After renaming …

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Numbers Really Don’t Lie

I read “Numbers Don’t Lie” a book by Vaclav Smil. It is also a recommended book to read by Bill Gates. The book was very informational read which contains details about different aspects of humans, evolution, and the modern world. You can read about different categories from globalization to inventions, energy, food, household habits, and …

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Being an introvert.

Being an introvert is both a blessing and challenging. I have struggled and also enjoyed being an introvert. By definition, introverts are people who tend to be focused more on internal thoughts and feelings, keep things to themselves. You can read more about Introvert on VeryWellMind. I was a very shy guy growing up. Shyness also …

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