Numbers Really Don’t Lie

I read “Numbers Don’t Lie” a book by Vaclav Smil. It is also a recommended book to read by Bill Gates. The book was very informational read which contains details about different aspects of humans, evolution, and the modern world. You can read about different categories from globalization to inventions, energy, food, household habits, and …

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Being an introvert.

Being an introvert is both a blessing and challenging. I have struggled and also enjoyed being an introvert. By definition, introverts are people who tend to be focused more on internal thoughts and feelings, keep things to themselves. You can read more about Introvert on VeryWellMind. I was a very shy guy growing up. Shyness also …

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Lessons from nature in 2021 and how our actions impact in future.

2021 started with a riot at Capitol hill shocking the nation and the world, showing how humans can go to extremes when motivated. But later on, nature showed us the sample of how it can devastate and impact our lives. Pandemic continued to impact human lives in 2021, along with nature’s act with extreme heat, …

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Happy Holidays

“A holiday is a time to take a break from the routine of everyday life.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Crypto Mania – 2021

Crypto was one of the most trending topics at different times in 2021 with DogeCoin and Ethereum Price being in the top 10 searches. It created huge global interest and opened up the possibility of digital currency in the future. 2021 saw a large number of new Crypto Coins. Around 4,800 new cryptocurrency coins were …

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Blogging skills to master

Much to learn you still have my old padawan. This is just the beginning. – Yoda It has been three months since I started blogging, still trying to get up to speed to keep my blogging passion moving on. Primary skills to keep it going are content writing, promoting, and earning some passive income. As …

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