No assumptions, only communication.

We assume we understand everyone who is close to us and think that our assumptions are correct and try to judge them. But based on my experience I can for sure tell no one can read what is in another’s mind. Assuming that we understand others and judging them or coming to conclusions is the …

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Be the water – Bruce Lee

Be the water said Bruce Lee, teaching us to be fluid enough to adapt to what comes in life. It is 81st birth anniversary of the legend, Bruce Lee. The man who is inspirational and influential to millions, not just for his martial arts or movies. His discipline and approach towards life motivates every soul. …

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Influence is the capacity to affect others in such a way that it forces them to follow us and adapt to it. Influence provokes change, makes things happen. So it is very important to be best selves and influence our children and people around us.  “Example, whether it be good or bad, has a powerful …

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